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Our Ph.D. editors will bring your dissertation beyond the level of acceptable so you can earn your Ph.D. degree swiftly.

Dissertation editing prices may vary slightly based on your specific needs and the extent of editing required. We will use the following crucial areas of dissertation editing as a basis for our prices:

– Documentation Style and Referencing

– Adherence to Proper Dissertation Writing Structure and Conventions

– Grammar & Typos

–¬† Sentence Structure

– Clarity

– Formatting

We also provide you with a free, written overview of your dissertation and let you know if there are any missing components.

Each dissertation is edited twice, by two Ph.D. dissertation writers and editors. Based on the above criterion or comparable editing needs, we have created our prices.


PRICES — From 1 Penny per word:
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Additional Services:

  • Chart Creation
  • Graph Creation
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Survey Writing
  • Research
  • Bibliography Creation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Writing Services

* Chart Creation * Graph Creation * PowerPoint Presentations* Survey Writing * Research * Bibliography Creation * Statistical Analysis

Ph.D.s comprise the highest level of academics. Part of having such a high intelligence is knowing how to leverage additional intelligence and power. Hire our dissertation editing services today to expedite the transition to new academic heights and its increased marketability and salary earning potential.